Xmas Kush, Relives from Stress, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Insomnia


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Buy Xmas Kush: As with most OG traces, Christmas OG will have an effect on your body and thoughts. you’re known to relieve sufferers’ minor pain and insomnia and provide a natural approach of treating anxiety attacks, mood swings, and muscle aches. I advise you wait until bedtime to medicate with heavy OG strains which includes this — it will make you sleepy.

This robust hybrid will instantly make you understand what gift you want extra of for Christmas this yr. an awesome and noteworthy pine stench pours out from the grinder on every occasion we throw a tree in to be shredded. The buds are grown beautifully, dense mild inexperienced buds trimmed to perfection.

About this product

As with most traces with OG genetics, the exact lineage is unknown. As such, it’s far impossible to realize if this is a new specific phenotype that the breeders will popularize over the years or if it is definitely a renamed pressure to take advantage of the holiday sales season.

For the sake of this evaluate, permit’s anticipate this batch is Pine OG, a completely unique OG phenotype that smells and tastes exactly like a Christmas tree (hence the call Christmas OG). The buds are beautiful and tremendously recommended through some of the first-class medical marijuana growers in Southern California.

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Despite not knowing the strain’s dad and mom, we are able to nevertheless research a great deal about wherein it came from and what to anticipate whilst medicating with it. for instance, the tight, condensed bud structure is harking back to popcorn. that is a tell-tale sign of any OG Kush phenotype. maximum tend to be indica-dominant, generating a heavy feeling, even though every batch of OG will range depending for your particular phenotype.

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Xmas Kush

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