Velvet Kush, Treats Pain, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Nausea


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Buy Velvet kush strain: Velvet Kush, additionally known as “Silver Velvet Kush,” is an calmly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) of Velvet Kush X Silver Kush traces. A brilliant full-frame excessive. clean flavor, with a sweet tea flavor that tickles your tongue and a tacky aftertaste.The aroma, a hint of tacky hash, and candy earth. The calming nature combines properly with the tranquil feeling of bliss. Creates a sense of comfort and overwhelming peace and freedom of the mind. This creative stress had me feeling cosmic freedom with great notes of a euphoric uplifting. Treats persistent pain, melancholy, persistent fatigue, nausea, and continual strain.

Blue Velvet, aka Blueberry Thai, is a hybrid hashish stress that is perfectly balanced among its indica and sativa properties. Its fragrance and taste are reminiscent of candy berries and freshly-churned earth. when prepared for reaping, its buds have various colorations of reds and purples.

THC content

THC stages average at around 18-20% for Blue Velvet. Its stone is understood to depart the purchaser feeling comfortable in each body and thoughts. because the body feels cozy, the mind will need to paintings as creativity surges and consciousness increases. this indicates Blue Velvet is a desire strain to be used during the day if tasks require thinking but now not bodily paintings (which include table jobs). poor aspect-effects besides dry mouth and eyes are not often pronounced with Blue Velvet.

It takes just over seven weeks for Blue Velvet to fully flower for reaping, making this a preference pressure for the impatient cultivator.

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Velvet Kush

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