Product Name: U-47700
IUPAC Name: trans-3,4-dichloro-N-(2-(dimethylamino)cyclohexyl)-N-methylbenzamide
Other Names: Pink, Pinky, U-47700
Cas Number: 121348-98-9
Molecular Formula: C16H22Cl2N2O
Molar Mass: 329.265 g/mol
Effect: sedative
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystalline powder


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What is it – Buy U-47700

Buy U-47700: U-47700, nicknamed “u4,” “crimson,” or “pinky,” is a noticeably robust synthetic opioid that seems like a white or light purple powder. Plenty of instances, it’s far often either offered in baggies or pressed into tablets to seem like prison painkillers. Abuse of this drug is much like heroin, and prescription and dressmaker opioids.

Street names

Pinky, red or u4,

How is it used?

This drug is typically snorted, swallowed or injected.

How does it affect the frame?

This drug poses the same risks as heroin and plenty of different fashion designer opioids.

U-47700, three,four-dichloro-n-((1r,2r)-2-(dimethylamino)cyclohexyl)-n-methyl benzamide, is a unique synthetic opioid (nso), observed by means of the upjohn agency within the late seventies. With effective in vivo activity, ∼10-times extra than that of morphine, u-47700 has end up a drug of huge abuse due to its ease of synthesis and, until recently, loss of robust detection strategies by way of regulation enforcement. U-47700 has been located in counterfeit oxycodone tablets and is a key aspect in “gray death.” Because of its emergence worldwide within the past five years, it’s miles now a schedule i drug in the united states of america and in addition unique round the world; moreover, at post-mortem, u-47700 become observed to have contributed to the dying of the pop artist prince. This review will capture the >forty yr records of u-47700 and pass in-intensity regarding the synthesis, medicinal chemistry, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology, drug metabolism (from postmortem overdose instances), and societal impact of this dark classic in chemical neuroscience.

Summary – Buy U-47700

Illicit opioid use continues to be an ever-developing trouble in the america. The upward thrust of artificial opioids is an emerging risk this is starting to draw interest over the last few years. Herein, we present an outline of the upward push of a synthetic opioid called u-47700. We describe u-47700’s history, prison status, ease of obtainment, outcomes of its use, and a proposal to increase the notice of this synthetic opioid.

The leisure use of opioid drugs is an international risk to public fitness and protection. In particular, a pandemic of opioid overdose fatalities is being pushed by using illicitly synthetic fentanyl, even as novel synthetic opioids (nsos) are appearing on leisure drug markets as standalone products, adulterants in heroin, or substances in counterfeit drug arrangements. Trans-three,4-dichloro-n-[2-(dimethylamino)cyclohexyl]-n-methylbenzamide (u-47700) is a high instance of a non-fentanyl nso that is associated with severa intoxications and fatalities. Here, we review the medicinal chemistry, preclinical pharmacology, clandestine availability, methods for detection, and forensic toxicology of u-47700 and its analogs. Buy U-47700

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