Sour Kush, Experiencing Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety


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Buy Sour Kush: Bitter Kush, also known as “sour OG Kush,” is hybrid marijuana stress. This go among sour Diesel and OG Kush from DNA Genetics is a prevailing combination. For the ones seeking out daylight hours pain relief, sour Kush is probably one of the satisfactory choices available. offering consumers with an uplifting enjoy without overwhelming sedative results, this hybrid is top notch for daily intake. bitter Kush ignites a giggly and euphoric feeling alongside deep physical relaxation. This stress is extremely stinky, so it’s exceptional saved in tightly sealed bins.

The indica-dominant sour Kush is a hashish pressure that packs a pungent smell of candy yet highly spiced citrus with a comparable taste and a garlic or diesel aftertaste. Its buds are heavily frosted, presenting dark green leaves with guidelines of crimson and orange pistils.

THC Content

Its THC levels common at an remarkable 21%, every so often accomplishing as much as 26% making this stress an incredibly powerful hybrid. consuming bitter Kush will loosen up the purchaser right into a kingdom of euphoria, boosting happiness and strength if ate up well. This strain has been reviewed as a top notch wake-and-bake, each energizing and elevating temper. If an excessive amount of is consumed, it’s been recognised to sofa-lock some. bitter Kush will set off the munchies, so be geared up for a boost in urge for food. Creativity has been recognised to be improved in many consumers, making this stress accurate for pursuing innovative pursuits.

Side Aspects – Buy Sour Kush

Assume dry mouth and in a few instances, dry eyes. Dizziness and anxiousness are recognised unwell aspect results if an excessive amount of is fed on, due to its high stages of THC.

Bitter Kush is an indica-dominant sativa. It turned into bred as a move between bitter Diesel and OG Kush. the former is a sativa leaning hybrid and the latter leans towards indica. the 2 traces are extremely popular and often used for crossbreeding hence their aggregate turned into doomed to provide another monster hit.

Bitter Kush also has more than one “sister and brother” lines so to speak – scarf and bitter OG – and coming from the identical mother and father they’re very comparable in all respects.

Bitter Kush has also furnished lineage for several lines, most appreciably Orange Krush and Jerry’s OG. Buy Sour Kush

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Sour Kush

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