Product Name: Etizolam
IUPAC Name: 7-(2-Chlorophenyl)-4-ethyl-13-methyl-3-thia-1,8,11,12-tetraazatricyclo[,6]trideca-2(6),4,7,10,12-pentaene
Other Names: Etilaam, Etizola, Sedekopan, Etizest, Pasaden or Depas
Cas Number: 40054-69-1
Molecular Formula: C17H15CLN4S
Molar Mass: 342.07g/mol
Effect: sedative
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystalline powder


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What is Etizolam – Buy Etizolam

Buy Etizolam: Etizolam is a thienodiazepine, which is a benzodiazepine analog. In different phrases, chemically, it’s far barely one of a kind than a benzodiazepine like Xanax. Despite the fact that now not available inside the U.S., it’s far deemed a schedule 1 drug in a few states because it may be observed on line and on the street as a recreational drug. Etizolam has sedative results and is a muscle relaxant. It interacts with a neurotransmitter inside the primary worried gadget that controls the firing of neurons. As a result, it’s miles a depressant drug that slows the entirety down.

Lengthy-term use can lead to blepharospasm or twitching of the eyelids. It may also motive a specific type of skin lesion, even though that may be a rare facet effect of the drug.

What does etizolam do and what does it experience like?

Etizolam is a very powerful thienodiazepine. With effects carefully equivalent to those of benzodiazepines, it is able to be six to 10 instances more potent than diazepam. Etizolam has a very suggested sedative effect drawing close that of zolpidem (Ambien). Users file emotions of substantially decreased anxiety, loss of inhibition, rest, sedation and euphoria.

How is etizolam used?

Customers frequently eat etizolam as a tablet, blotter paper or as a powder. Due to etizolams speed of absorption the two maximum common routes of management are oral and sublingual. A 1 milligram dose of etizolam corresponds to about zero.5 mg of alprazolam (Xanax) or 10 mg of diazepam (Valium). Ordinary doses variety from 0.five mg to four mg. In international locations where etizolam is marketed for medal use (Japan, Italy, India) it generally comes in zero.25 mg, zero.5 mg, 1.0 mg and mg pills.

Expert advice for etizolam – Buy Etizolam

Take it as in step with dose and duration recommended by the health practitioner.

The addiction / dependancy-forming capability of this medicinal drug is less compared to different benzodiazepines.

It could motive dizziness. Do no longer power or do something that calls for intellectual attention until you know the way this medication impacts you.

Keep away from ingesting alcohol as it may boom dizziness and drowsiness.

Do no longer take this medication if you have a records of drug dependancy or drug abuse.

Tell your health practitioner in case you are pregnant, planning to conceive or breastfeeding.

Do not forestall taking medicinal drug all at once without speakme on your physician as that may result in nausea, anxiety, agitation, flu-like symptoms, sweating, tremor, and confusion.


It’s an anxiolytic to some diploma, a whole lot extra so than benzodiazepines; etizolam is commonly a type of CNS depressant, like alcohol is. It acts as a complete agonist at the benzodiazepine/gabaa receptor to provide its range of therapeutic and destructive consequences. Etizolam has the capability to show the user right into a disoriented amnesiac at an excessive sufficient dose. Buy Etizolam

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