Product Name: Ethylphenidate
IUPAC Name: EPH, Ethylphenidate
Other Names: EPH, Ethylphenidate
Cas Number: 57413-43-1
Molecular Formula: C15H21NO2
Molar Mass: 247.338 g·mol
Effect: sedative
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystalline powder


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Product Description – Buy Ethylphenidate

Buy Ethylphenidate: This is ethylphenidate with an ‘E’, no longer it’s widely recognized homolog, methylphenidate (MPH; Ritalin, Concerta, others) – the primary-line agent for the remedy of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Notice that the best structural difference is living within the ester where EPH has an ethyl organization in place of the methyl group in MPH.

Ethylphenidate ought to not be insufflated as it’s miles recognised to be particularly caustic and could cause severe harm in your nasal septum, regardless of mild usage.




Not unusual-40-100mg


Heavy-one hundred fifty-200mg

Purpose – Buy Ethylphenidate

Ethylphenidate is a unique psychoactive substance this is an analogue of methylphenidate. This paper describes its availability, patterns of use, and acute results.


Searches of the scientific and grey literature (publicly handy internet sources) have been undertaken, the use of the key phrases “Ethylphenidate”, “Ethyl phenidate”, “Ethyl phenyl(piperidin-2-yl)acetate”, and “Nopaine”, to pick out records on the prevalence and styles of use, desired results, and toxicity of ethylphenidate. A web photo survey became done on 10 February 2015 to offer facts on availability and fee of ethylphenidate.


The literature search diagnosed 1 case series of acute recreational ethylphenidate toxicity, 1 case file of ethylphenidate dependence, 1 qualitative analysis of person reports on internet drug boards, 2

convention abstracts for surveillance research, 1 document of two cases of ethylphenidate detected in autopsy analyses, and 198 person reports on internet discussion boards and social media websites. The internet photograph survey observed 83 websites promoting ethylphenidate, with purchase prices ranging from £28.20 ± zero.63 (€37.seventy one ± zero.eighty five) in keeping with gram for a 500-mg amount to £2.sixty four ± 0.57 (€three.53 ± zero.seventy seven) according to gram for 1 kg. The published cases and internet consumer reports propose the intense results of ethylphenidate are similar to other stimulant pills; the most commonplace course of use was via nasal insufflation. The most common preferred consequences had been euphoria, stimulation, and extended concentration, sociability, and power ranges; the most commonplace undesirable consequences protected anxiety, palpitations, insomnia, and paranoia.


This overview of the scientific and gray literature has confirmed that the extreme harms associated with its use are stimulant in nature and that ethylphenidate is broadly available to customers over the net, with enormous reductions for bulk purchases. Buy Ethylphenidate

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