Product Name: DOC
IUPAC Name: 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine
Other Names: 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide
Cas Number: 123431-31-2
Molecular Formula: C11H16ClNO2
Molar Mass: 229.70 g•mol-1
Effect: Stimulants, psychedelic, hallucinogen
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: powder, crystal, liquid, blotters


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Product Information – Buy DOC research chemical

Buy DOC research chemical: 4-Chloro-2,five-dimethoxyamphetamine (additionally known as doc) is a lesser-regarded psychedelic substance of the amphetamine magnificence. It’s miles a member of the dox circle of relatives of psychedelic amphetamines, which can be known for his or her lengthy length and combination of psychedelic and stimulant results.

Document is called an extraordinarily dose-sensitive psychedelic that is often sold in powder shape or on blotting paper and recognized for its lengthy duration (over 12-24 hours), strong visual results, a completely unique form of stimulation, and a tremendous body load.


Doc or 4-chloro-2,five-dimethoxy-amphetamine, is a molecule of the substituted amphetamine class. Amphetamines are substituted phenethylamines containing a phenyl ring bound to an amino (NH2) organization via an ethyl chain and a methyl institution sure to the alpha carbon Rα. Doc incorporates methoxy practical organizations OCH3 attached to carbons R2 and R5 and a chlorine atom attached to carbon R4 of the phenyl ring. Document is the amphetamine analogue of the phenethylamine 2C-C.

Abstract – Buy DOC research chemical

Dressmaker pills seem like increasing in reputation because of the benefit of obtaining those materials, the dearth of capability to identify the substance(s) in ordinary drug screening, the attraction of the drug(s) being ‘safe’ due to them being marketed as a ‘prison high’ and possibly because of stronger regulations that are being placed on pharmaceuticals. As components of fashion designer tablets are recognized and regulated via the DEA, new components, or analogs, of those designer capsules are being synthetic to avoid law. 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine (doc) is a substituted alpha-methylated phenethylamine and acts as a selective serotonin receptor partial agonist. There may be restricted literature on this precise compound and no literature that attributes dying to apply of this drug by myself.


An everyday average dose of document stages from mg; the previous generating threshold results, and the latter producing extremely strong results. Doses as much as 10mg were

recognised to send the user into a stressed stupor. Onset of the drug is 1-3 hours, peak and plateau at four-eight hours, and a gradual come down. After effects can closing properly into tomorrow.

Effects – Buy DOC research chemical

Not like easy amphetamines, document is a psychedelic that resembles LSD, DOB, and mescaline. These consequences encompass open and closed eye visuals, extended awareness of sound and movement and euphoria.


The mechanism of document’s hallucinogenic outcomes is unknown, however like DOB and DOI, it is able to be mediated via partial agonistic pastime at the five-HT2A serotonin receptor, and binding affinity for the five-HT2B and the five-HT2C serotonin receptor. Buy DOC research chemical

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