50grams Sour Diesel



50grams Sour Diesel CBD resin can stimulate brain work, increase concentration and relax. For medical purposes, Sour Diesel considerably reduces stress and pain and is effective for people with depression.

In general, CBD resins have many therapeutic properties to improve your overall mental and physical state:

Relaxing effects
Relieves pain
Reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression
Increases the quality of your sleep
Improves mood
Helps prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms and combat existing ones
Improves concentration and memory

Origin of the strain
50grams Sour Diesel resin, also known as hashish, is extracted from the trichomes of a hybrid Sour Diesel plant. So, this plant is the result of a long process of selection and cross-breeding by professional cannabis growers intending. To obtain a hybrid with a high CBD concentration.

Sour Diesel is originally a cross between a Northern Lights, a Shiva, and a Hawaiian. The Northern Lights, found in the northern forests, are characterized by their earthy, piney aroma. Then, The Hawaiian will bring the fresh, slightly spicy, and citrusy taste of the Shiva. That will soften by the piney side of the Northern Light.

How to use it
Consumption of our resins :

  • Infuse for about ten minutes in a fatty substance or as an herbal tea in hot water.
  • Orally by mixing the flower with fats for baking or other food preparations.
  • By inhalation by spraying at over 170 degrees with a spray bottle.