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Healthcare jobs: An exciting and engaging career awaits you at Strong Health Medical!

Strong Health Medical understands the importance of teamwork and that is why we place our employees first. We guarantee you an exciting career with unique challenges as we grow and continue to achieve high performance through creativity and the support of our team.

We offer our employees a collaborative way working with management through working together

  • Peer Committees for Corporate Management Issues
  • Joint Occupational Health & Safety Programs
  • Community Support Programs
  • Accountability of Individuals & Teams
  • Communication Programs
  • Training & Upgrading Programs
  • Competitive Compensation Packages
  • Comprehensive Employee Benefits Package

We are always looking for qualified and energetic people to join our team. For more information on current openings at Strong Health Medical please scroll down.

We believe that we will be successful and will position ourselves to be at the forefront of worldwide maritime construction with the right team and we are waiting for you!

We need workers who are ready to work in;

– Marijuana Farms
– Medicine Production Centers
– Our Pharmacies
– Our Warehouse
– Our Sales Department
– Our Treatment Department

Healthcare jobs: We Have So Many Open Posts For Workers From All Over The World Irrespective Of your Country, Colours, Religion nor Language. Some of the available post of duties include: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Employee, Cannabis Reviewer, Cannabis Reviewer, Dispensary Manager, Medical Cannabis Trimmer, Store Associate, Farmers, Patient Care Coordinator, Warehouse coordinator, warehouse laborer, Fulfillment Specialist, receptionist, Farmer laborers, harvesting experts, Dry/Cure Technician, Packaging Associate, Patient Consultant (Cannabis), Budtender, Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Cannabis Retailer, Kitchen Production Associate, Cannabis Trimmer/ Packagers, Lead Patient Care Specialist, Sales Associate – Medical Cannabis Retailer, Assistant General Manager, General Manager, Dispensary Technician, Patient Care Specialist, Sales Representative.

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