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Strain Overview – Buy white russian weed

Buy white russian weed: White Russian is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana pressure made through crossing White Widow with AK-forty seven. This pressure produces euphoric and cerebral effects so one can depart you feeling physically comfy with a mentally stimulating head excessive. White Russian is extraordinarily fragrant with fruity, sweet and skunky aromas. New cannabis consumers need to take caution with this strain as its potency has a tendency to be very high, round 20%. Clinical marijuana patients say this strain is good for relieving signs and symptoms associated with strain and tension. 

At one factor in time, White Russian became considered to be the most powerful weed pressure in the global. In keeping with growers, you could anticipate this strain to supply medium-sized fluffy buds that are frosted with trichomes. The original White Russian pressure was bred by way of critical Seeds and positioned in the “first-rate overall” category of the 1996 cannabis Cup.

About this strain

White Russian strains produce robust, healthful, rapid-growing flora which can be outstanding in look and effect. Very popular additionally for out-of-doors growing in Spain, France, Italy and California. This range is our maximum normally Indica pressure.

Buy white russian weed, The White Russian pressure is a solid cross of our unique AK-47 and the well-known award-prevailing a twin of White Widow from the 90s. She is of medium peak, developes into consistent ‘no longer too leafy’ flowers and produces dense, very resinous flower tops (crystals begin to seem after approximately five weeks of flowering).

The vegetation odor pretty sturdy at some stage in the boom and flowering period. In an unbiased seed comparison in the uk wherein over 150 exclusive seed traces had been grown, the White Russian seeds came out as the strongest plant. Winner of the overall high instances cannabis Cup in 1996 and of the Cup for satisfactory Bio Grass in 1997.

White Russian Yield Information

The plant life yield very powerful buds, lined with an abundance of resin. The effect is a totally robust, long lasting high, that is greater cerebral (=head-high) than it’s far a knockout (=body-stoned). Exquisite medicinal plant for pain-relief. Closing awards gained by way of White Russian: 1st prize Indoor, El Punto Cup 2005, Málaga in Spain and 2nd prize Extracts, Highlife Cup 2013, Amsterdam.

Buds of White Russian have a tendency to be small to medium in length. Their bud structure is more typical of sativa traces, with loosely-clustered, fluffy leaves. The leaves are light green and, depending on the person plant phenotype, may be moderate to very well protected in frosty trichomes like figure strain White Widow. Cured nicely, the plants have an earthy, dank smell (imparted from White Widow, which is understood extra for its severe stickiness than its taste profile) blended with some sweet citrus fruit (handed on from AK-forty seven, which has a candy and floral aftertaste from the various Asian and South American landrace strains in its genetics). Buy white russian weed, Whilst combusted, plants odor more skunky and slightly highly spiced. Some have described the smoke from White Russian as harsh and lung-expanding. The smoke tastes barely highly spiced whilst exhaled.

THC content material – Buy white russian weed

That is a totally stinky variety, even earlier than vegetation begin to flower. As such, indoor growers may also need to counteract the stress’s skunkiness with smell management measures like carbon filters or exhaust enthusiasts.

This bold cerebral stress provides a number of the satisfactory of what sativa types should offer. White Russian stimulates the thoughts while leaving the frame fantastically useful. This makes it ideal for complicated duties regarding trouble fixing or innovative questioning — as an example, it would be an incredible preference to eat before gambling cards with friends. Because of its tendency towards introspection, White Russian might be more without problems loved in privacy, or as a minimum in acquainted company and a cozy setting. It’s extra of a daylight smoke, however its energizing houses can also be used to ward off sleep, if vital. Because of their high resin content material, White Russian plants are best for the manufacturing of hash, shatter, and different THC concentrates.


White Russian first blossomed after crossing the two hybrids White Widow and AK-forty seven. Its lineage is tremendously numerous, with its discern traces having roots in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, Afghanistan, Brazil, and India.

White Russian stress Genetics

White Russian is a hybrid of AK-forty seven and White Widow. With this form of lineage, there’s no marvel this changed into taken into consideration one of the most powerful traces inside the international at some point. Buy white russian weed, The stress is a 50/50 hybrid of those infamous lines.

White Widow could be the maximum famous pressure of all of them as even human beings outside of the hashish community have heard of it. The repute got here from the Netherlands where this pressure is present in almost each espresso store where hashish may be legally fed on. White Widow gained the cannabis Cup in 1995 so it has stood the take a look at of time to mention the least.

AK-47 is thought to leave you pretty comfortable with its genetics being a combination of Afghani, Thai, Mexican, and Columbian traces.

The mixture of those two monsters within the cannabis global virtually-delivered with White Russian. Locating seeds for this hybrid should be achieved cautiously as now not all seed banks are created identically. You must best accept the great feminized White Russian hashish seeds on the market.

Flowering Time – Buy white russian weed

The flowering period of White Russian is 7 to eight.five weeks depending on conditions. Harvest time is at round 10 weeks.

The appearance of this bud is light inexperienced and covered with trichomes. The trichomes are so conventional that the white look has a tendency to dominate the mild inexperienced bud.

Taste and Aroma of White Russian

Buy white russian weed, The flavor of White Russian absolutely sticks out as a combination of citrus, timber, sweetness, or even some reviews of a pine flavor. A few clients even referred to rose flavors on this certainly top-notch hybrid.

Myrcene is a terpene that is the principle culprit of hashish that enables you loosen up. This terpene can assist after a long day at paintings when you simply want the stress to be taken off of your shoulders. Limonene is a large help for those humans that be afflicted by strain and anxiety.

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