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Big king bud description – Buy Big King Bud strain

Buy Big King Bud strain: Big king bud marijuana is the winner of holland’s internationally well-known hashish cup in 1989. Growers who love generating quantity will love the large bud traces. The massive yield is legendary, producing humungous buds with incredible fat leaves. The leaves which can be produced are quite huge. The flavor of the smoke is very smooth and the high may be very strong. Big bud will produce more buds in line with rectangular inch than some other plant within the same space. Usually the decrease branches disintegrate underneath the weight of the buds. Click on the order button for mail order shopping for alternatives.

King’s kush is an Indica marijuana strain made by way of crossing og kush with grape. King’s kush produces sluggish yet powerful consequences so one can make you feel comfy and euphoric. This pressure features a flavor profile that is tangy with grape and undertones of lavender. Clinical marijuana patients pick king’s kush to alleviate symptoms associated with insomnia. Growers say this strain comes in red and blue nugs which can be protected in trichomes. King’s kush has a flowering time of nine weeks.

Kind: India

Yield: up to 300 gram / rectangular meter

Height: forty-55 cm

Climate: indoor

Flowering length: 8/nine wk’s

About bb king

If the blues is a tonic for anything ails you, then this pressure is the gin and lime. Named after the legend himself, bb king is a dank bud by means of mtg seeds as a way to get your creative juices flowing at the same time as enjoyable your body and mind to that ideal harmony you need to push the ones blues away. Made from flavorful lines, blackberry kush and area monster, that is certain to be your newest go-to. Buy Big King Bud strain

The thc of this pressure is inside the moderate range, falling at 14% to 16% and offers customers a soothing release that isn’t overwhelming. These aromatic nugs are rich in blueberry and blackberry flavors in addition to a robust, but sweet, chemical-like taste that hits your nose first then lingers within the mouth. They may be massive and minty inexperienced with vibrant orange hairs and frosty white trichomes.

Kind of high – Buy Big King Bud strain

Bb king hashish pressure gives excessive ranges of euphoria, accented with the aid of an uplifted and talkative effect that is precise in the indica circle of relatives


Breeder: unknown. 75% indica and 25% sativa. Genetics: bb king cannabis pressure is a cross between blackberry kush and space monster cannabis traces.

Extra information – Buy Big King Bud strain

King’s kush is a closely indica dominant hybrid stress (90% indica/10% sativa) created through crossing the notorious og kush x grape lines. Regarded for its great heavy high, king’s kush is best for the skilled patient who desires quite a few more electricity in the back of their toke to in reality feel the results. The excessive starts with a lifted feeling inside the lower back of the head that subtly pulls up your temper, erasing any negative or racing mind and changing them with hazy heady bliss. That is observed by a deeply relaxing body excessive with the intention to soon have you ever definitely sedated, drifting away into a long-lasting and non-violent sleep. In aggregate with its exceptional high 19-27% average thc degree, these heavy consequences provide king’s kush a facet in treating skilled sufferers tormented by situations along with cramps or muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, continual ache, and persistent strain. This bud has a highly spiced grape taste with a heavy diesel exhale which could depart you coughing. The aroma is of earthy diesel and sweet culmination with a heavy stinky dank effect in an effort to fill any room with its stench with each and every toke. King’s kush buds have long grape-fashioned minty green nugs with vibrant orange hairs and a coating of tiny sparkling white crystal trichomes.

Ordinary consequences

Buy Big King Bud strain, Due to the fact it’s far one of this heavy sedatives and is paired with stimulative houses, this stress is a well-known healer and is beneficial for a spectrum of ailments. It’s far particularly encouraged for appetite loss, nausea, and digestion as it works wonders on the gut. Additionally, it’s miles helpful for the relief of eye strain, chronic ache, and insomnia as the downer facet of this pressure allows diminish a number of the greater stubborn signs and symptoms related to the ones issues.

Thc content material

Just like the voice of its namesake, that is a clean plant that’ll have you feeling correct approximately trying out your green thumb right here. Bb king has a flowering time of seven to 8 weeks for indoor structures and an early october harvest for out of doors growers. Buy Big King Bud strain,  It is an easy growing and excessive yielding plant, making it even greater of a dream.

Clutch a drink, seize a toke, and make a toast to a mythical bud named after a mythical guy. Between the flavors and the results, you’ll be accomplishing this stress as if it were 2d nature. Try this nighttime time favorite in a flavored blunt wrap or in a bubbler for a few delivered entertainment of already stellar stress.

Develop facts – Buy Big King Bud strain

Even though king Louis xiii is mildew- and mildew-resistant, and reportedly grows well either interior or outdoors in a sunny, dry place, an experienced hand is suggested. Indoors, it flowers in 8 to 9 weeks. Outside, it flowers in mid-September to early October in the northern hemisphere.


Wherein the fragrance of grape might also overshadow og kush, its flavor is specific. King kush leaves an aftertaste that is ruled by way of the flavor of og, a bit spicy and sweet on the same time. Is it a pleasant flavor? You guess.

Destructive reactions

Buy Big King Bud strain, Nothing fundamental here for king kush in terms of viable negative reactions to you. Like maximum different lines, king kush may additionally leave you dry mouth. Other than that, the handiest aspect you would possibly want to look at out for is dry eyes.

Clinical advantages – Buy Big King Bud strain

One of the matters that make king kush popular, besides its notable taste and aroma, is its scientific makes use of. That is extremely good stress to apply if you want to attend to the consistent excessive degree of pressure that you need to address. It’s miles this capacity to lessen the strain and tension that makes this strain a good choice in case you need to uplift your temper. Human beings suffering from despair and ptsd may also gain smoking this strain.

Apart from strain, every other not unusual use of king kush is in supporting you control continual pain, migraine, and complications. Lady people who smoke have to experience remedies in menstrual cramps. Buy Big King Bud strain

With a bit of luck, you do have the subject to look at your meals consumption. King kush promotes a healthful and proper appetite, which is counterproductive if you have a want to shed off some pounds. However for people who are underweight or truly have a negative appetite, this pressure is for you.

Flowering time – Buy Big King Bud strain


The best information for king kush growers is that you can grow this stress the usage of screen of inexperienced (scrog) approach, which results in a quicker flowering time of round sixty-three days. You do need to spend a bit more time than regular to grow this pressure and use low-strain schooling (lst) to enhance its satisfaction. An ordinary yield indoors, whilst grown the right manner, offers you up to twenty-eight oz in step with the square meter.


King kush seems to grow better in cooler climates. If sorted properly, you may assume a great harvest of as much as 38 ounces per plant. Generally, it takes 9 to 10 weeks for this stress to grow and harvest can be done in late September in the direction of early October.

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